Practical Graphic Design™ Digital Download

Practical Graphic Design™ Digital Download

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Key Benefits:

  • Introduction to graphic design concepts

  • Open career options

  • Provides basis for presenting information clearly

  • Promotes self-directed learning

  • Reference material

  • Life skill

  • Minimal instruction required

  • Downloadable PDF

Practical Graphic Design™ uses our hands-on approach and is a second natural extension of the Complete-A-Sketch™ series. Practical Graphic Design is a self-paced, self-teaching course that introduces the fundamentals of graphic design in a clear concise and fun way. This book shows the student great examples and includes tests and design projects. The book is full of information that is fundamental in the world of graphic design. It is based on the proven self-study methods developed in all of our other books. This book, like all of the Insight Technical Education books, is meant to inform, educate, and motivate. It can be used to follow-up Complete-A-Sketch, used in conjunction with Practical Drafting, or it can stand alone. Graphic design is used in every aspect of our lives. The intent of Practical Graphic Design is to introduce students to the basics of graphic design and to make students aware of the possibilities of career options. Graphic design is used in all types of presentations, sales, information, technical illustration, manuals, etc. This book gives you the tools for developing ads, business cards, and other documents. Practical Graphic Design can be a key component in helping to decide on a career path. The student learns by observing, reasoning, & doing.

All the lessons in this book may be accomplished both by hand and on the computer using graphic design software. Practical Graphic Design exposes the student to many types of graphic design concepts. Topics include design rules, page layout, dominance, repetition, rhythm, unity, contrast, gradation, and balance. Graphic design touches our lives everyday. Someone chooses the type, colors, and layout for every book, newspaper, or ad.

This book uses humor to make this topic even more fun! Watch out for the Graphic Design Police.

The skills you will learn in this book will benefit you for life regardless of your final career choices. The goal is to assist the student in mastering some design concepts and the art of creating something from nothing, to overcome the blank page. Written by Paul Bunch and Melvin G. Peterman. Illustrated by Paul Bunch.


System Requirements:

  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 10 or higher installed
  • A tool for unzipping the download





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