Practical Drafting™ Applied Engineering Graphics Workbook Digital Download

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Key Benefits:

  • Introduction to engineering concepts

  • Open career options

  • Provides basis for precision drawings

  • Promotes self-directed learning

  • Reference material

  • Life skill

  • Minimal instruction required

  • Counts as Geometry Credit

Practical Drafting™ uses the proven, hands-on, self-study methods used in the Complete-A-Sketch series and is reproducible as it applies. The student learns by observing, reasoning, and doing real work. Practical Drafting is geared to be used by students without outside instruction. The basic intent of Practical Drafting is to introduce students to the basic principles of drafting and to awaken the student to the possibilities of career options. Drafting is just one tool that is used in many different engineering, construction, and technical fields. Drafting alone will probably not be a career. However, it will always be a part of technical work. Being able to draw without a computer is an important skill for life, even if the student does not go into a technical field. Practical Drafting is a book that can help direct, change, or set a career path for your student.

The work is designed to help and to promote the use of hand and computer drafting skills. All the lessons in this book may be accomplished both by hand and on the computer with CAD software. Practical Drafting exposes the student to many types of drafting and standards. Drafting is the language of engineering. In the engineering field today, it is imperative that all participants, drafters, designers, engineers, machinists, electricians, builders, etc., must understand this language. It is my strong recommendation that the student do the lessons by hand using tools of the trade. Then, after being comfortable with manual drafting, complete the lessons with CAD software on a computer.

The skills learned in this book will benefit for life regardless of final career choices. The concepts and principles in this book apply to drafting & design, not just to manual or CAD work. Practical Drafting focuses primarily on the most critical drafting areas. The goal is to assist the student in mastering some drafting concepts and the art of drafting. These concepts will apply to using CAD and in other professional and personal projects. User may make copies of some lesson sheets for self use. Written and illustrated by Melvin G. Peterman. Also see links to other related products: Combinations and CAD software.


Needed and Optional Tools:

Required Tools
Pentel 0.3mm mechanical pencil
Pentel 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm mechanical pencils
Ludwig 24" aluminum drafting T-square
Drafting Dots (can replace tape)
Drafting Tape (can replace dots)
Architect Scale 12"
Metric Scale 12"
Sturdy French Curve Set
Block Eraser - White
Stick Eraser - White (optional)
Eraser Shield
Bow Compass/Divider
Circle Template
Isometric Ellipse Template
Drafting Board, 20" x 26"
Triangles, 30/60/90 and 45/45/90
Optional Kits to replace some of the above
Set of 6 Mechanical Pencils including needed sizes
French Curve and circle/ellipse templates
Eraser, brush, and eraser shield set
Optional Drafting/CAD software (for those interested in doing the course again in CAD)
TurboCAD Deluxe 2020
CorelCAD 2021 Education Version

System Requirements:

  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 10 or higher installed
  • A tool for unzipping the download





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